UGG Boots for Your Little Children


Do you know that having UGG Boots is always fashionable and they are always popular? It’s like chocolate, having it is beneficial! trendy, beautiful and ultra-comfortable. These ultra-modern boots are adopted by all girls, and for the rhyme: UGG everyone knows! I wanted to buy some for my daughter, story that my little princess does as a mother (or in other words: a mother’s dream).

UGG Boot for Little Children

The history of UGG boots

The UGG brand comes from Australia (hence the “UGG ® Australia”). In 1978 the brand was established with Brian Smith, 22 years later the boots brand knows the glory that always follows. First introduced in Australia, the brand knows how to seduce by its flexibility, its lightness, and its comfort. UGG baby skin boots sheep experiencing worldwide success in 2000, Brian Smith brings his boots in the USA! The success is at the rendezvous, thanks to the famous Oprah Winfrey who is complemented seduced by the brand. It’s the turn of the showbiz to get interested, the stars love UGG brand. Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Leonardo Di Caprio, all Hollywood stars wear the UGG boots, and it becomes a fashion phenomenon. You’ve understood, having this boots is now mandatory for any woman who respects, but it’s true that they are going to delight, they have style!

UGG Boots for Children

Real UGG for The Little Princess

Before purchasing UGG boots, judge yourself it is Real or fake? Beware of counterfeits! Tell yourself that having UGGs at half price, there will be no doubt, they are not real. Unfortunately, it’s also the ransom of fame and good brands are always copied. Take a look at the UGG website and its counterfeit article.


How You can measure UGG boots real or fake?

4 essential points to check:

  • The real UGG boots are made with one piece of sheepskin.
  • The real UGG Australian boots are made in China and not Australia, if you find UGG boots “Made in Australia”, they are fake UGG boots.
  • No additional labels with the UGG logo or inscription above the UGG logo, unlike the fake ones.
  • Real UGGs are cut “wide”, ask for a size below yours for them to go.

UGG Children’s Boots: Our Choice

We choose UGG boots for your little children: UGG Bailey Button boots navy blue (model: 5991T), size 23.5. This model of boots is really good, it changes and they are super beautiful with blue fur. The sole and button (in wood) beige color go very well with the navy blue. As honest as you can tell, these boots are very comfortable for baby children. The little plus, those are the little details of quality like the button engraved Ugg in wood, the sole is reassuring, it hangs and avoids the falls and the skids uncontrolled! Do you like them? Budget level around 120 € on the Ugg Australia official website, it’s still a pretty high price, but be aware that being fashionable is priceless! (yes easy I grant you).