How to choose your Ugg Australia boots model

Ugg Australia boots

In this article about the UGG Australia boots brand. I will try to enlighten you on the most inescapable models of this winter. Almost all the products presented in the photo below are on sale on our site We will first start with those equipped with a high stem, then to address the theme “Mini” which includes short stems.

The magazines are echoing the return of the stuffed ugg Australia boots with great pomp this season, so we have prepared well for the occasion. We have just finished putting online all the models of boots in our catalog and as much to tell you that there is for the styles, and suddenly, for all the tastes. In the field of the stuffed boot, many marks share the cake, but we will be interested in the most famous of all, I want of course about Ugg Australia. At the beginning, Ugg offered us only one rod (the average “Classic Short”), the Australian brand has gradually opened its range to create two new, short and high. 

The most famous, the Classic Short.

This mid-size model is the one that has made the brand known around the world, distributed around the world, The Ugg Australia boots Classic Short remains the most famous silhouette, the ones that all women recognize at first glance, but not necessarily the most trendy right now. The authentic Classic Short has a light and firm sole in both Eva, the texture of the outer rod varies depending on the models, you will find them easily in the suede coating, but they also exist in leather.

If you are afraid of dirtying, prefer the leather upper, models of this type are water resistant, they are not stained on contact, the same for the snow. The suede models are a little more fragile, they require waterproofing before use and poorly support the humidity of ski resorts. They are more suitable for women who intend to wear them in town or to hang out at home. Most shops continue to offer it in many colors because the story of Ugg revolves around this model cosmonauts boots.

ugg boots

The classic Bailey Bow and its knots in satin.

The Bailey Bow boots have the same special features of comfort as the other models, the point that makes the difference is on the back. Two decorative satin bows are sewn on the Bailey Bow, the Bailey Bow liner is slightly over the top, and you’ll easily pair them with the other fur accessories in your dressing room. Some are worried about not being able to reproduce this knot, do not think about it, they do not break up. This new model is aimed at a privileged clientele who likes to offer the latest novelty, counting nearly 220 euros for this model.

The Ultra Trend Classic Mini

The short stem of these boots is a revelation, accustomed to the Australian brand prefers taller rods, and for good reason, they are much more suited to current trends. Since their release three years ago, sales scores for the Ugg Classic Mini have continued to grow. Women quickly understood the benefits they could derive from this short model. The Classic Mini Ugg Australia boots give the best renders under slim jeans or leggings, some even wear them with short shorts and bare legs, and it goes pretty well.

The Mini Ugg Bailey Button and its overflowing fur.

These buttoned fur boots have the peculiarity of having a short stem open on the outside, the two backs are folded and fixed thanks to an elastic that slips behind a button. The quickdraw of the Ugg Mini Bailey Button has immediately seduced women who have immediately seen in it a formidable weapon of seduction, it must be said that once on the feet, this type of boots brings a look of the safest. The Bailey is the only model in the range where we see the inner fur of the slipper overflowing on the top, and on the sides. They are easily matched with other wool accessories that mark the recall with it. You can see that a label was sewn and badged on the back. Same for the button which also has the name Ugg Australia.

Ugg Australia boots

We have done a little tour of the most prominent models for this new season 2015/2016. Low or high, the two kinds of rod continue to please, with all the same a small preference for the short. We have tried to offer a varied selection of the most prominent silhouettes of this season. Ugg Australia is not resting on its laurels, although the brand is on the rise right now. It updates its range by incorporating small accessories into its models. Satin, buttons, and even fur strips on the outside with the Arehart. Everything has been done for women to identify with at least one of the proposed models. The bet seems successful this season.

Look before buying Ugg Australia boots

Beware, the web is full of Chinese sites that offer the same type of boots, but at much cheaper prices. Beware of counterfeits, the boots offered by the Chinese are not necessarily very good quality. They are designed with materials of lower quality than the real ones, not to mention the source of the furs. Another problem that you may face when buying on these sites, Customs. The legislation on branded products means that any package containing branded goods is systematically checked by the customs. If they suspect a counterfeit, they will keep the goods and will summon you to pay a small fine. So a little advice, pay attention to the sites where you choose to buy your Ugg boots this winter. Rather choose our selection of boots (access the site) where you can get 10% off with the code Dashoes10.